MANGO is Celebrating Easter-Vishu 2023

The MANGO (Malayalee Association in Gosford) Malayalee Community will come together on 29th April 2023 to celebrate two important festivals, Easter and Vishu, in the future. The celebrations will be a lively and colorful affair, with members of the community dressed in traditional attire and participating in various cultural activities.

The Easter celebrations will include music and dance performances, followed by a special Easter feast featuring delicious Malayalee cuisine. The feast will include a variety of dishes such as appam, chicken curry, and fish moilee, all of which will be prepared by members of the community.

The Vishu festival, which marks the beginning of the Malayalee New Year, will be celebrated with equal enthusiasm. The community will gather for a Vishu Kani, which is a traditional display of auspicious items such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers. This will be followed by a cultural program that will showcase traditional Malayalee music and dance performances.

The celebrations will provide a wonderful opportunity for members of the community to come together and connect with each other while also celebrating their cultural heritage. It will also give younger members of the community a chance to learn more about their culture and traditions.

Overall, the MANGO Malayalee Community's celebrations of Easter and Vishu will be a great success, and will highlight the strong sense of community and cultural pride that is evident among its members. These festivals will be just one example of the many events and activities organized by MANGO throughout the year to promote and celebrate the Malayalee culture in Gosford.

Posted in News on Mar 24, 2023