About Us

The Malayalee Association in Gosford Inc. (MANGO) is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious community cultural organization working towards the betterment of social lifestyle of the Malayalees in Gosford and surrounding suburbs in the state of New South Wales in Australia. We are registered with ASIC as a non-profit organisation and the ABN is 28 494 626 019.

We are committed to responding to the cultural and social needs of the Malayalee community and accordingly our programs are tailored to meet them. Our programs are attended by a wide spectrum of the community across the Central Coast region of New South Wales. 

MANGO Executive Committee

Our Vision

A few of the events we conduct are:

Onam celebrations 

One of the main features of Onam celebrations is cultural programs reminiscent of Kerala’s own rich cultural and artistic life both present and the past. During the celebrations, we also provide a traditional, delicious Kerala style food to the attendees of the program at a very nominal cost.

Christmas celebrations

The Christmas celebrations include a vast array of different types of cultural programs accompanied by a sumptuous dinner. The main focus is reminding the attendees of Jesus Christ’s message of love, kinship, compassion and mutual help.

Vishu and Easter Celebrations 

MANGO Annual Day

celebrations in March/April – Another celebration which combines the true spirit and love of Easter, Vishu and MANGO’s Annual Day

In addition, we also conduct various other events such as family fun days and other cultural shows and events. These events range from social networking events (for example, family fun day) to social/cultural/artistic events with the aim of providing a stage for the community’s talents to perform and also meeting the various interests of the community. The contents of these programs are non-religious, non-political and non-controversial but have only the aim of spreading Kerala’s culture and heritage. We are always at the forefront in offering help and assistance in times of humanitarian needs arising from unfortunate events whether natural or otherwise. We respond by engaging ourselves in fundraising activities and help support those important causes in order to alleviate financially or otherwise burden without any regard or consideration to nationality, religion, faith or belief of the affected.