Our Vision

MANGO has a clear and ambitious vision for its members. The organization aims to preserve and celebrate the tradition and culture of its members through various activities and events. Additionally, MANGO provides a platform for its members to connect and exchange views, while fostering friendship, goodwill, and understanding.

Moreover, the organization is committed to promoting cultural and entertainment activities among its members, encouraging participation and leadership in all Association activities. MANGO also seeks to collaborate with similar organizations to conduct programs of mutual interest, facilitating the exchange of ideas and opinions.

MANGO recognizes and values the talents and skills of its Malayalee members and seeks to mobilize these resources for professional and career development. The organization aims to create a network of Keralites of different age groups to promote knowledge-sharing and ongoing learning.

MANGO has set several objectives to achieve its vision. These include fostering healthy relationships and goodwill in social and cultural areas among Malayalees, supporting humanitarian and charitable causes, providing practical information to those moving to Gosford and/or Sydney, and promoting the language and cultural values of Malayalees.

The organization also acts as an agency for the collection and mobilization of funds and support for humanitarian and charitable causes, transmitting such resources to distressed and deserving areas and people. With its vision and objectives, MANGO is dedicated to serving its members and the broader community.